Announcement Date : Jul 28 , 1799Categories: Pre-1960s

In response to yellow fever epidemics in United States, the House of Assembly expands its public health legislation. While it focused primarily on quarantine measures, it also allowed for the Governor or Lieutenant Governor to appoint a health officer in a “county or district” and allowed for them to “have full power and authority to execute all and every matter and thing needful and necessary to be done, touching and concerning the performing of quarantine, and the carrying of several provisions, contained in this Act, into full force and effect;” Health officers are appointed to Halifax, Shelburne, Queen’s County, LeHave, Lunenberg, Chester, Windsor, Horton and Cornwallis (i.e. King’s County), Annapolis, Digby, Yarmouth, Barrington and Argyle, the Gulf of Canso, County Harbour, and Manchester. Only three of these were doctors. The province also introduces an act for regulating the “Practice of Inoculating for the Small Pox” which outlaws the practice, but this act is repealed in 1801 because it is “found to be prejudicial, and inconvenient, to the inhabitants of the Province.”