Feb. 14, 1968

Announcement Date : Feb 14 , 1968Categories: 1960s

The Vancouver Metropolitan Board of Health issues a news release in an effort to raise awareness about the complications of measles infection, as well as the lack of provincial funding to provide “free measles vaccine to susceptible children,” [131-F-5-F3a 018]; Nova Scotia, Ontario, and B.C. are the only provinces yet to provide free vaccine since the licensing of Lirugen, in 1965, for use in Canada against red measles; in the news release, Vancouver’s medical health officer, Dr. Gerald Bonham, “stress[es] that only mass free distribution of vaccine has ever achieved control for smallpox, diptheria [sic], tetanus, and polio and the same approach is absolutely necessary for measles control” [131-F-5-F3a 018]