March 1971

Announcement Date : Mar 9 , 1971Categories: 1970s

Results of the province-wide 1970 rubella immunization programme are published in the B.C. Medical Journal with an accompanying announcement that a “second wave of [rubella] is presently occurring” across the province; according to the report, nearly 300 000 doses of vaccine were distributed by the B.C. Health Branch in 1970; 32.4 per cent of children ages one to five and 67.8 of children ages six to 11 received rubella vaccine; a “substantial quantity of rubella vaccine” is also available for distribution in 1971 to continue with the vaccination of children between the ages of one and 12 [“Second Wave of Rubella in British Columbia” and “British Columbia Rubella Vaccination Programme — 1970,” B.C. Medical Journal 13.3 (March 1971): 52-53 or B.C. Medical Journal Rubella Second Wave and Rubella 1970 Results]